•  Oh Hey and Hello!!!!

    Necole Killick here! If I haven't had the pleasure of meeting you, let's chat... 

    Currently I teach middle school and high school Spanish and 4th Grade Reading. I am also in the Library, which if you don't know me...I am a word nerd. If you don't know, I absolutely love traveling and experiencing new cultures and foods. I am also the community coordinator for exchange students.



    Please check out my individual class pages for information about those classes! 


    Period 1-- 4th grade reading 8:05-8:58

    Period 2-- PREP

    Period 3 -- Spanish 7th grade

    Period 4 -- 4th grade reading (Book Club) 10:38-11:28 

    Period 5-- STUDY HALL & open Library

    Period 6--Elementary Library: 

                    Tuesday Kindergarten: 12:48-1:23

                    Wednesday 3rd grade: 12:48-1:28

                    Thursday 4th grade: 12:48-1:28

    Period 7--Spanish 1:

    Period 8--Elementary Library (WITH TA): 

                     Monday 2nd grade: 2:25-3:00

                     Tuesday 5th grade: 2:27-3:07

                     Wednesday 6th grade: 2:27-3:07

                     Thursday 1st grade: 2:25-3:00


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       EMAIL:   nkillick@lambertschool.net

       PHONE:  (406) 774*3333 Spanish ext 1120

                                             Library  ext 1102



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