• Our AR store is up and running! Students can now read books, take AR tests, and earn points for those tests. In turn, students can use those points to buy food and drinks at the end of the month. Encourage those readers!

     If you have any gently used items you would like to donate to the store (something you think junior high and high school students would like), please drop off items at the office.

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    Each student is required to read TWO books PER semester. For this required reading, one book is due the end of 1st quarter. The second book is due the 2nd quarter, then the 3rd quarter, and finally the 4th quarter. Each semester ONE book must be from MY list of approved books. The other book is the students' pick. Both books will have an Accelerated Reader test for them. If there is no AR test, the book does not count. Students must read for reading comprehension and achieve a goal of an 80% or higher. If the score is below 80%, the student must read another book to attain the goal. NO SCORES below 80% are accepted. If the student waits until last minute to accomplish this task and receives a 70 or 75-the student will receive a 0% for the score. Partial credit is not given. The books selected must be at the student's reading level. Students with IEPs are given special consideration.




  • Have You Read a Good Book Lately?

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    Hey! I was just wondering if any of you have READ any good books lately. Can you recommend any good ones? I am working on The Red Queen series.  Mrs. Hill

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