•  Welcome to our Library Page! 


    Below you will find access to our card catalog and our AR, as well as EPIC and NASA. 


    TO the left you can find access to our Book Club orders if you choose to do so. 


    Destiny--Lambert Library Online Card Catalog 

    Browse our library card catalog from any computer in the school and even from home.



    Accelerated Reader

    Take your quizzes and earn points for the AR Store!  We have an online subscription, so almost every book you read will have a quiz to go with it.
    ***If you cannot find your quiz, please email me the name of the book and the auther, I will add it to our database. 



    AR Bookfinder

    This site is a reference site for AR.  You can do a quick search to see if your book is an AR book and check the points level and reading level.  It also gives you a short description.  You can used the advanced search method to search for books in your specific reading level.













Last Modified on January 20, 2021