To all of you who have already graduated from the great school of Lambert, Hello! We have set up an Alumni page to showcase those who have graduated from Lambert.  We want to know where you are and how to contact you.  If you are intereseted in being apart of our Alumni page contact us at the following e-mail adresses so that we can put your info on the page.
    Mariesa (Backes) Nelson
    Graduated 1995
    Occupation:Surgical assistant/office nurse in Missoula
    Melissa Williams Gomke
    Graduated 1981
    Kathy Helmuth
    Graduated: 1983
    Ashley Johnson
    Occupation: Student at the University of Montana- majoring in Music Education
    Graduated Year: 2005
    Courtney Vaira- Joyce
    E-mail: Bcbjoyce@sbcglobal.net
     Libby (Kvaalen) Knotts
    Graduated: Class of 1984
    Graduated: 1984
    Yvette Backes Lien
    Graduated: 1992
    Shawn Lien
    Graduated: 1991
    Kristie Lee Salsbury
    Graduated: 1989

    Teresa (Burton) Cole
    Dodson, MT
Last Modified on September 2, 2010